Zelaya did no wrong


To the editor:

(re: “Countries to our south have only themselves to blame,” Jan. 3)

Contrary to Mr. Deholczer’s recent letter, lawfully elected Honduran president Manuel Zelaya did nothing unlawful. True, he wanted to see his nation’s constitution amended to allow him to run for president again, but he did not try to have himself put on the ballot prior to such an amendment. He merely tried to have a non-binding referendum to see if the electorate would favor such an amendment.

That was not a usurpation of power, but an effort to test public opinion.

In any event, those who opposed such a referendum could have gone to court to test its legality, but they did not. Rather, they conducted a military coup d’etat in the middle of the night, and prevented President Zelaya from going to court to challenge the coup by forcibly placing him on a plane leaving the country.

Would Mr. Deholczer like to see Mr. Trump order the military to remove special counsel Robert Mueller and force him into exile?

Alan Saks

Alan Saks,