Police Beat

Wrap party wraps just a little early


Ham and Swiss make for a tasty sandwich, but rolled into a wheat tortilla, they yield a wrap that could even be called healthy.

Regardless of how a person enjoys their cold cuts, however, in most cases, one thing is certain — they have to pay for them before digging in.

But that’s something Julie Hidalgo, 47, didn’t do, according to police.

Security guards at the Stop & Shop at 5716 Broadway told cops they spotted Hidalgo leaving the store carrying $14 worth of ham, $16 worth of Swiss cheese, and wheat wraps worth $5 — without paying — around 2 p.m., on Feb. 26.

Hidalgo probably needed something to wash it all down, because she reportedly also tried making away with a $3, two-liter bottle of Pepsi, and a $5 eight-pack of water, police said. And $5 worth of chocolate would have made for a sweet ending to the shindig.

But any late-lunch wrap-party plans Hidalgo may have been brewing were foiled because she was arrested and charged with petit larceny.


Car scratcher nabbed

Laying siege to a taxi driver’s vehicle might not be a potential customer’s best bet when negotiating a fair fare.

But that’s exactly what one 37-year-old did, approaching two 66-year-old women police say probably were offering a taxi service, on the 6300 block of Broadway last Sunday morning, March 4, a little before 9, asking them how much they charged.

When they revealed their fare, the younger woman reportedly flew into a rage, taking some kind of object — police couldn’t say for sure what — and scratched the drivers’ 2016 Toyota.

But it’s case closed, cops said, with Kimberly Pannullo arrested and charged with criminal mischief with intent to damage property.


Easy steal, quick arrest

Car theft continues to be a problem in this part of the Bronx, and the rest of the city, but the New York Police Department says there are ways to avoid becoming a victim. 

Leaving a vehicle unlocked, parked in front of a restaurant with the keys in the ignition and the engine running, however, is not one of them.

But one guy learned his lesson the hard way when he did exactly that last Wednesday, according to police, before ducking into the Gold Mine Cafe at 5578 Broadway, Feb. 28, a little after 5 a.m. He left his 2017 Toyota Sedan out front.

Another guy was quick to hop in the unlocked ride, police said, putting pedal to the metal, fleeing westbound on West 231st Street toward Kingsbridge Avenue.

Azeem Gill, 27, was arrested barely four hours later at the northeast corner of Napier Avenue and East 233rd Street, in the Woodlawn Heights neighborhood about three miles away. He was charged with grand larceny of an auto. 

Purse snatcher a mystery

A 33-year-old woman was lugging groceries back to her car around dinner time Feb. 23  in the BJ’s Wholesale Club parking lot garage in the rear of 184 W. 237th St., when she left her purse in her cart.

Inside were two credit cards, as well as the woman’s license, police said.

Detectives are investigating.