Police Beat

Window burglar wrangles cat


Even big city criminals probably find themselves lonesome now and again, longing for a feline friend.

A 35-year-old told police he left his Van Cortlandt Park-adjacent home on the 6200 block of Broadway around 9:30 a.m., the day before Thanksgiving, returning around suppertime the following Saturday. While residents elsewhere probably were gorging on Turkey Day leftovers, at least one intruder snuck in through the man’s window before snatching a New York Yankees hat, a jar containing $50 cash, a drill bag valued at $50 — and a calico cat.

Security cameras could help cops collar the cat snatcher.

Police are investigating the burglary. No value was given for the cat.


Camry glimpsed, but still not found

She was only away from her car overnight. But that apparently was plenty of time for a crime-inclined soul to hop in for a joyride, and maybe never come back.

A 79-year-old told police she parked her white 2016 Toyota Camry at the corner of West 253rd Street and Fieldston Road around 8 p.m., Nov. 2. She returned the following morning around 9, but her ride was gone.

Lack of security cameras in the area or broken glass left cops few clues in the closed case, although a citywide license plate-reading system reportedly last spotted it on the Grand Central Parkway — but no word on when.

Along with the Camry — valued by police at $20,000 — the woman lost her cell phone, GPS, shoes, unspecified clothing, several books, and $75 cash.


Man in black wallops woman, runs away

She reportedly was minding her business checking her cell phone, yet trouble found her still.

A 33-year-old told police she was strolling along the 290 block of West 231st Street in Kingsbridge around lunchtime Nov. 14, when she pulled out her phone to read a text message. It was then a man confronted her, demanding her phone, before attempting to pry it from her hand.

The woman held on, police said, but her attacker punched her in the face before running off to parts unknown. He didn’t get away with the phone, however, and the woman wasn’t badly injured.

Cops searched for a man they described as clad in all black, including a hooded jacket, sneakers and scarf or bandana, to no avail, but security cameras may have recorded the whole thing.

Police are investigating the attempted robbery.