Where's the Villa Rosa meeting?


To the editor:

We have seen massive public support to maintain the remaining charm of Spuyten Duyvil.

The case in point is the destruction of the low-density Villa Rosa Bonheur, which originally housed seven units in a uniquely designed building.

Timber Equities, which does not have a web presence nor any contact options, is tearing down this unmarked landmark and thinks that the community will be well-served with a modern high-rise with approximately 50 units. As anyone who travels that area on the way to the Metro-North knows, the street is both curvy and narrow. With a new architecturally insipid building, all views of the river will also be cut off for those who do not live toward the back of that new building.

On Jan. 7, I was present at a Community Board 8 land use committee meeting held at the VFW in Kingsbridge. A spokesman for Timber, Sam Spokony, was there to collect community comments and respond with information to the questioners. I asked for a meeting with them, which was strongly seconded by land use chair, Charles Moerdler.

To date, neither I nor anyone else at that meeting who left contact information, has heard anything back on the subject.

While we would like to prevent this travesty altogether, perhaps a meeting between the developer and the community would could minimize the expected damage and provide a resolution that both sides can live with.

Sura Jeselsohn

Sura Jeselsohn,