What about Ehring's?


To the editor:

(re: “A street named for Loeser’s Deli? It’s now up to CB8,” Dec. 6)

Naming a street after Loeser’s Deli is a very bad idea. It is a self-centered and almost narcissistic effort to aggrandize one family store above all others. If Councilman Andrew Cohen is even considering naming a street after a business, he should at least let the residents of Kingsbridge vote on who they think is the most worthy contender.

As for businesses that truly left their mark on Kingsbridge, I would vote for Ehring’s German Restaurant & Bar that graced the corner of West 231st Street and Godwin Terrace from 1940 to about 2000. The Ehring family not only provided authentic German cuisine alongside more traditional American fare, but this business functioned as a social hub. It brought the entire community together as the central meeting place to enjoy food and drink, renew friendships, mourn those we lost.

You always saw a friendly face in Ehring’s to enjoy a chat and catch up on neighborhood news in an exquisitely decorated atmosphere that might be found in Germany itself. If you moved away, you still came back to Ehring’s to see your friends.

A long time ago when I attended Lehman College, I was walking by Ehring’s and actually saw my biology and chemistry professors sitting together at the bar, enjoying a beer and conversation. I knew they didn’t live anywhere near Kingsbridge, but they chose Ehring’s as the place they would meet. They didn’t say to each other, “Let’s meet at Loeser’s.” They went to Ehring’s, a very beautiful, special place that is still sorely missed.

When Ehring’s closed, the neighborhood scattered, as if homeless. It has never been the same since.

Loeser’s never had this effect on the neighborhood. They served a good hot dog, pastrami and corned beef sandwich, but that’s all they gave to Kingsbridge. Ehring’s gave so much more.

Patty Goldstein

Patty Goldstein,