Trump canceled Engel's trip, too


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made news last week after President Donald Trump cancelled her planned trip to war zones in Afghanistan and other countries just hours before she was set to depart. But it seems Pelosi was not alone.

According to PJ Media, Pelosi and her entire congressional delegation were already sitting on a bus ready to head to the airport on their secret mission when Trump pulled the plug. Among those joining her were U.S. Rep. Eliot Engel, the chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Trump reportedly cancelled the use of military planes after Pelosi effectively postponed the president’s State of the Union speech the day before.


MTA drops some speed limits on 1 train

If the 1 train has felt a little faster lately — especially once it gets north of Penn Station — it’s not your imagination.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has removed speed limits from the 1 and several other trains, with more to come this year.

Decades ago, the 1 train was limited to speeds of 20 mph, especially as it makes its way into the Bronx. But because car design and track geometry have improved, those speed limits — especially between West 207th and West 215th streets — have been removed.

And the 1 train is set to go a little faster later this year between West 215th and West 225th streets. There trains will be allowed to speed up from the posted 20 mph to speeds up to 30 mph.

The changes were made through the MTA’s SPEED Unit — or Subway Performance Evaluation, Education and Development — which was assembled last year. The idea is to help speed up trains, and improve travel time for many of the city’s commuters.

MTA continues to install timer signals, however, which can slow speeding trains.