Police Beat

Thieves score laptop from unlocked Audi


Some drivers are picking up on the 50th Precinct’s warning to keep their car doors locked, and not leave personal belongings visible inside — but not every driver.

A 24-year-old told cops someone snatched her backpack — complete with a Hewlett-Packard laptop and wallet inside — she’d left on the back seat of her 2003 Audi parked on Fieldston Road and West 253rd Street the afternoon of June 27. 

Unfortunately, police said, she forgot to lock the doors.

Police valued the laptop at $1,200. Her wallet, investigators said, contained “miscellaneous items worth $200,” but they couldn’t confirm whether it was cash or credit cards.

Cops are looking into the grand larceny.


Hefty heat-packer takes Fieldston Jeep

A 25-year-old told police he got a surprise the afternoon of June 29 when he discovered a man climbing into his 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It had been parked on the 4600 block of Livingston Avenue, in Fieldston. 

When the young man approached the would-be thief, police said he flashed a gun of some sort, before speeding off.

Police valued the car at $4,500, but the owner said he also lost miscellaneous tools worth around $1,500 he’d left inside.

Security cameras in the area could help cops track down a man they described as around 35 and 280 pounds.

What’s not clear, according to police, is how the guy managed to get into the Jeep.


24 hours later, still can’t find Kia

It may not be clear what happens to all the vanishing cars in this part of the Bronx. What is clear is they keep vanishing.

A 40-year-old told cops he parked his black 2016 Kia Sportage on the 3800 block of Orloff Avenue, around 8 p.m., June 21, returning the following evening to find it missing.

There was no broken glass, police said, and possibly no cameras in the area, either, further mystifying this grand larceny of an auto. 

But still, they’re looking out for the Kia.


Thieves snatch cash from grocery store

An employee at a Kingsbridge grocery store at 231 W. 230th St., told cops a guy walked in and plundered $200 from the cash register, June 30 a little before 5 p.m. 

Details are quite sketchy, but police reported no injuries or weapons involved in the robbery.