Police Beat

Thieves’ rim, tire rampage continues


Now that the weather is warmer, it seems rims and tires are once again in danger.

This time, an unlucky driver was targeted at the corner of Van Cortlandt Park South and Dickinson Avenue, police said, where he reportedly left his car around 5 p.m., on April 25. When he returned the following morning, the rims and tires — valued by police at $2,000 — were missing from his white 2016 Toyota.

There are no cameras in the area, police said, which could make tracking down the mystery thieves difficult. Yet detectives aren’t ready to give up just yet.


Bumble Bee bandit targets CVS store

The guy probably had a tuna craving, but he was in no mood to pay for it.

A store manager at the CVS on West 235th Street told cops a man walked into the aisle where she was stocking shelves around 10:20 a.m., on May 1, making a beeline for the canned tuna. He loaded up his cart with an entire half-shelf of Bumble Bee tins, and then headed straight for the exit.

When the manager confronted the fellow, he reportedly shot back, “I’m tired of you guys accusing me of stealing,” before donning a pair of work gloves, menacing the manager with a box-cutter and dashing from the store to parts unknown, 20 tins of tuna — valued at around $40 — in tow.

Cameras there helped cops get a look at the alleged tuna bandit, whom they described as around 60, 6 feet tall, 160 pounds, with brown eyes, salt and pepper hair, wearing a tan baseball cap, gray jacket, blue jeans and black sneakers.


Golden Phoenix gate no match for thieves

Business owners in this part of the Bronx are probably starting to realize a security gate alone is not enough to fend off thieves.

The 51-year-old owner of the Golden Phoenix Chinese restaurant at 5646 Riverdale Ave., told police he shut the place down around 11 p.m., on May 6. When he returned the next morning, he found someone had cut through the front gate and walked in the door, which was unlocked, police said. 

The mystery perps left nothing behind but a broken cash register hurled to the floor, with $400 missing.

The Golden Phoenix wasn’t equipped with an alarm system or cameras, police said, but there are cameras at neighboring stores, offering a glint of hope to the unlucky owner.