Police Beat

Thieves plunder Post Road home


A family took a Turkey Day getaway, returning a few days later only to find their Post Road home ransacked.

A 50-year-old told police she and her loved ones took off for a long weekend of food, rest and relaxation, leaving around 9 p.m., Thanksgiving eve, to spend the holiday at their second home in Pennsylvania. Upon returning late the following Sunday, however, they noticed both their bathroom and kitchen windows appeared to have been forced open, suggesting at least one crook slipped in using the fire escape before looting their belongings and leaving through the front door, which was unlocked.

Whoever it was, they made off with an iPad, eight bracelets, four necklaces, four rings and five watches, according to a report. Police valued the stolen goods at nearly $17,000.

Security cameras in the building’s elevator and lobby could help cops crack the burglary.


Nothing but shards left behind

Broken glass is the only clue in the case of a missing Toyota.

A 54-year-old told police she left her blue 2013 RAV4 parked and locked at the corner of Strong Street and Reservoir Avenue at the southern tip of Washington’s Walk around 7:30 a.m., Nov. 13. She returned some 12 hours later only to find shattered glass in its stead.

Police ruled out a towing since the woman claimed she owed no tickets on her car. It’s also unclear whether any security cameras could’ve captured a window-smashing crook.

Cops are on the lookout for the Toyota, valued at around $30,000, but otherwise it’s case closed.