Police Beat

Rider thumped, Galaxy disappears


Police warn to be careful of sudden, unexpected bumps and shoves, especially on busy sidewalks in bustling parts of the borough, but also while riding buses and subways, where pickpockets are known to prowl. Because in some cases, there could be more sinister intentions behind a push.

A 52-year-old riding the Bx9 bus around 1:30 p.m., Jan. 8, near West 242nd Street and Broadway, claims she was on the wrong end of a slight jolt before getting off. The woman felt bumped, according to a report, probably from another rider, although it wasn’t quite clear who might have bumped her because apparently she didn’t see who it was. But when she did get off, she told police, she realized her phone was gone.

Investigators valued her Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at $1,200.


Catalytic converter caper still unsolved

It’s not just tires and rims thieves thirst for, but sometimes-pricey parts, too.

A 68-year-old told police she parked her gray 2007 Toyota Prius on the 2800 block of Bailey Avenue in Kingsbridge Heights before dawn Dec. 19, returning the following morning around 8 to find her catalytic converter — valued by police at just under $1,900 — had been sliced out and snatched away.

Neither witnesses nor security cameras captured any cutting criminals in the act, police said, which complicates pinning down possible perps.

Still, they’re investigating the grand larceny.


Pre-New Year’s drunken jaunt cut short

It was an intoxicated — and dangerous — start to the weekend ahead of New Year’s Eve for one motorist.

Cops spotted a 57-year-old barely able to keep within his lane — allegedly swerving over to the double yellow line in a blue 2013 Hyundai Sonata — on the 2600 block of Reservoir Avenue in the southeast corner of the 50th Precinct around 4:40 a.m., on Dec. 29, according to a report.

Their suspicions of drunken driving apparently were confirmed when police stopped the guy, according to a report, and looked into his bloodshot watery eyes while noticing he also was a bit wobbly, swaying on his feet, and reeked of booze.

But if that weren’t enough, he later blew a reported 0.102 blood alcohol content — well over the legal limit to drive.

The man may have had a penchant for living on the edge, but also seemed to be toting a record that already was less than immaculate. He reportedly was driving with a suspended license and had a prior DWI conviction.

And driving while intoxicated is what they charged him with before arresting him.


Window smashed, tire slashed

Police warn leaving property in cars is a good way to tempt criminals.

A 49-year-old told cops she parked her black 2018 Honda Pilot on the 5300 block of Henry Hudson Parkway in Riverdale around lunchtime Jan. 3. She was only gone for about enough time for a leisurely midday repast. But when she returned around 1:30 p.m., her rear passenger-side window was smashed, her bag she’d left inside missing, and with it a slew of credit cards, according to a report, as well as her driver’s license.

Yet, apparently smashing the window and snatching plastic wasn’t enough for whoever committed the crime, because they also slashed her front passenger-side tire, police said.

Cops are investigating the grand larceny.