Ready or not, change is coming


To the editor:

(re: “Donald Trump runs Senate now,” Nov. 15)

Mr. Alvin Gordon is well entitled to his opinion. It sounds like he wishes to be represented by a U.S. Senator from a state other than in which he resides. For as your editorial so clearly points out (re: “We need another Hamilton,” Nov. 15), U.S. Senators that come from more rural states possess far more power to raise our federal taxes and control our lives than our own representatives and senators are able to achieve.

Maybe I’m wrong. But Mr. Gordon seems to be advocating a position that favors ceding his voice to others, given the current state of civics.

Well, Mr. Gordon, thankfully this newspaper and most of America disagrees with you. We prefer a more balanced representation than now exists. And we will get it despite the ignorance of those who fail to clearly see their being at a disadvantage under the current system.

By the way, Mr. Trump won in 2016 due to a statistical fluke. It was less than 11,000 votes in each of three states (Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin) that helped him win. There’s a far less likely chance of that happening in 2020, especially as the deep red south and Rocky Mountain west have started turning a bright shade of purple — and old-timers who are frightened of change naturally die off.

Change is inherent. We had an American revolution that helped usher in our country. We are due for another:

This time a revolution of the majority over the minority, gracefully represented by the very angry Mr. Gordon.

It’s coming, Mr. Gordon, whether you choose to acknowledge it is a whole different story.

Adam Stoler

Adam Stoler,