Police Beat

RAV4 ransacked while owner slept


A pair of thieves reportedly got into a compact SUV and got away with a load of sundry treasures.

A 49-year-old told police he parked his black Toyota RAV4 on the 5700 block of Post Road in quiet North Riverdale Dec. 13, around 4 a.m., before heading off for some shuteye. When he returned a day later around 9:30 p.m., however, a bounty of his possessions he’d left inside were gone.

Those included a pair of Ugg boots, a Nintendo video game system, six sweaters, an iPad, five globes, some kind of unspecified top garment, and a couple pairs of sunglasses — Ray-Ban and Prada — all valued at around $1,740, according to a report.

Security cameras probably helped the man spot a duo he believes committed the heist, police said, since the guy was fast asleep when they went to work inside the RAV4.

If there’s indeed footage, it could come in handy for cops looking to crack the grand larceny.


Youngster bruisers take man’s wallet

A couple of teenage ruffians reportedly shook down an older fellow on the mean streets of south Riverdale, robbing him blind before rushing off.

A 57-year-old told cops two younger guys shoved him to the ground at the southeast corner of West 235th Street and Netherland Avenue around 11 p.m., Dec. 11, snatching his wallet and threatening to shoot him, before running east along West 235th.

Police searched the area, but the attackers — whom they described as around 17, 5-foot-5, 175 pounds, one of them with black hair and wearing a hooded jacket — were nowhere to be found.

The teens made off with the man’s wallet and a Citibank debit card.

It’s unclear how badly they roughed the guy up, or whether the wallet had any cash. But police are looking into the robbery.


Alarm sounds, man wakes, burglary fails

A man was fast asleep when his alarm system disrupted his dreams — and may have deterred at least one thief from ransacking his Fieldston abode.

The 69-year-old told police he was home snoozing on the 400 block of Indian Road around 11 p.m., Dec. 11, when the alarm shattered his slumber because at least one would-be burglar removed the screen from the basement back window of his house before throwing a rock through it, according to a report.

Despite their efforts, the rock hurler failed to get past the window, police said. It’s also not clear whether this was a one-man operation or the work of several.

While the alarm may have saved the guy’s stuff, police could have a tough time tracking down a suspect since the place reportedly lacked security cameras.

Nevertheless, they’re looking into the attempted burglary.


Unsolved Honda mystery joins others

A Honda Accord is the latest casualty in the endless tale of car thefts plaguing the 50th Precinct.

A 53-year-old told cops he parked the car on the 3300 block of Netherland Avenue in Riverdale’s southern end around suppertime Dec. 12, returning the following evening around 11. But by then, it had disappeared.

Police scoured the area in a quest to find the 2017 white sedan, valued at $25,000, but nothing came of it.

It’s case closed, although cops are keeping an eye out for the missing ride.