Letters to the editor

‘Positivity’ is a good word to use


To the editor:

What are we going to do about all these murderous killings? Sitting by and praying and playing (although important) are not solving anything. We are being attacked at every level of our strengths: Our children, our representatives, our press, not to mention our environment, which is killing us with polluted air and water.

This downward spiral has got to stop. Nature is a metaphor for human growth. When one is dying on either side, then all begin to die. Pick up the mantle and get to work on any level. Make each day a productive one. Do one thing a day that passes on your love for helping others, or for our environment. Call your reps and find out what you can do. Volunteer in any capacity.

Young and old alike can do their parts. Pick a job that interests you and educate yourself to apply for later volunteerism or work. Protest against the inequities that are taking place in our world. Show my generation what you millennials won’t stand for anymore.

Use your grit and understanding to ways of changing things. Start confronting those ideas and actions you don’t agree with, and speak out against them. 

Write letters from your own vantage points to cut through the anger and rage which we see exhibited every day on the news.

Tell us the good things that you see happening, and spread the good news to others. Write and sing and read for positivity.

Positivity. That’s a good word. It’s like prayer, but other actions are necessary too.

Let’s get down to work. Keep safe and healthy.

Karen Green

Karen Green