Police Beat

Kingsbridge fruit man loses cash to robbery


One fruit vendor likely sold a lot of bananas, avocados and oranges last week. But good business did not also mean good luck.

A Kingsbridge produce purveyor told cops he left his West 231st Street stand to use the restroom a little after midnight June 7, walking toward Broadway and Verveelen Place.

It was there a man reportedly walked up behind and grabbed him, pulling him to the ground and digging $1,466 out of his pocket before running south on Broadway.

The fruit seller didn’t notice his attacker wielding any kind of weapon, police said. 


Teen duo targets older woman’s purse

A 46-year-old told cops she was walking on the 3800 block of Sedgwick Avenue in Kingsbridge Heights a little before midnight on June 7 when a couple of teenaged girls followed her, asking why she was walking so fast.

Then, out of nowhere, one of the teens walked in front of her, ordering her to “come here,” police said, while the other yanked at the woman’s purse.

Unsuccessful, the first teen also grabbed for her purse while hitting the woman in the face with an unknown object, police said. The poor woman screamed, sending her attackers fleeing to parts unknown, luckily leaving her with no serious injuries.

Police are on the lookout for two girls, both of whom they described as around 16 and standing 5-foot-2.


Bodega altercation turns bloody

Coffee, tea, sandwiches, plantains — all goods one might expect to find at a Kingsbridge Heights bodega. Slashing, however, might not be.

But things turned more violent than usual on May 30 just before 11 p.m., when a 28-year-old man reportedly got into an argument with a 34-year-old inside the deli and grocery at 2690 Webb Ave., police said, before whipping out a blade and slashing the older guy’s left forearm.

Police arrested the alleged slasher, charging him with felony assault.