It's time to refocus your energy


To the editor:

(re: “Klein’s challenger buoyed by insurgent’s victory on the other side of the borough,” July 12)

After the victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the anti-IDC, anti-Klein faction of Democrats not wants to claim the mantle of reformers, even though they had spent years attacking the Independent Democratic Conference for not supporting the regular establishment Democrats.

They told us repeatedly that if the IDC returned, the Democrats would control the senate. The Independent Democratic Conference returned, but the Democrats don’t control the senate. 

They had glossed over Simcha Felder, even though Felder has openly stated that he did not care about Democrats or Republicans, he just wanted to bring home the pastrami for his district.

Is a bidding war for Simcha Felder their idea of good government?

Even if the Democrats offer Sen. Felder more “pastrami” than the Republicans, do they really think Felder will support their agenda? Check out some other Democratic senators as well. They are fooling themselves if they think a shaky 32-31 majority in the state senate will enact their full liberal agenda.

They could be more effective if they take the energy and resources they are putting into fighting the IDC and target some districts held by registered Republicans. If they elect 33, 34 or maybe 40 Democrats, then they may have a chance to enact their agenda. Otherwise, they are just venting their emotions.

For those of us more practical, Sen. Klein has been an effective senator and supports views shared by most members of our community. 

That is what he should be judged on.

Ed Yaker

Ed Yaker