Police Beat

It was a booze-filled three-car collision


Couple of drinks, multiple-car crash, bangs, bruises, all before suppertime. Eventful, certainly, but not the ideal way to start a Saturday evening.

Yet, that appears to be exactly what happened to a 69-year-old driving a 2017 Nissan just after 6 p.m., Nov. 3, on the Henry Hudson Parkway at West 247th Street in Riverdale. It was there he reportedly caused a three-car collision, injuring at least one other person, although police believe those injuries were minor.

Upon arriving, cops found the fellow — who claimed to police he’d consumed “only” one rum, plus a dram of Scotch — smelled of alcohol.

He later submitted to a Breathalyzer, blowing a reported 0.15 blood alcohol content — nearly twice the legal limit.

Police arrested the man, charging him with driving while intoxicated.


Glass flies in pre-dawn skirmish

Things got feisty and even a bit violent at Land & Sea leading up to Halloween.

A 20-year-old told police she was having a very late supper with a group of friends at the Kingsbridge restaurant at 5535 Broadway around 4 a.m., Oct. 27, when an argument erupted between them and another group sitting at a table nearby. An older woman from the second group reportedly flung a glass at the young woman’s face, cutting her in several places, including her lip, eyebrow and forehead.

The victim and glass chucker — described by police as around 27, with brown eyes, short, curly, black hair, 5-foot-8, 180 pounds, wearing high heels, a skirt and tank top, all green — have mutual friends, police said.

The younger woman rushed herself to a hospital, according to a report, seeking treatment for her wounds.


Parkway assailant steals snazzy tote

A 43-year-old told cops an attacker she reportedly couldn’t identify snuck up behind her on the 4400 block of Henry Hudson Parkway in Riverdale, pushing her to the ground before snatching her bag, just after 9 p.m., on Oct. 28.

The victim cut her right hand in the scuffle but refused medical attention, police said.

The crooks took quite a few high-end goods with them, police said, including the woman’s bag — described as a Louis Vuitton tote — along with a Gucci wallet, a car key and a set of house keys — all valued by police at around $2,450. They also nabbed her driver’s license and Social Security card.