I 'deKlein' fake criticism


To the editor:

Each week, The Riverdale Press features letters and/or articles knocking state Sen. Jeff Klein and/or supporting Alessandra Biaggi. But the anti-Klein arguments just don’t make sense.

Klein formed the Independent Democratic Conference in response to a corrupt and dysfunctional Democratic Party leadership.

In alliance with Republicans, he was able to enact legislation that progressives support, and bears no resemblance to the Trump agenda.

For a small list, see my Point of View that appeared March 8.

But Biaggi claims that if Klein had not split from his party’s leadership, Democrats would have accomplished more. Really?

First, Klein’s group is back with the Democrats. But Sen. Simcha Felder is still with the Republicans. So they still have control.

Secondly, the state senate recently passed a bill giving civilian workers with 9/11-related illnesses unlimited sick time by a vote of 63-0. The Democratic-controlled Assembly would not even vote on the bill. Why? Our allegedly progressive Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio questions whether the city can afford it.

He questions the affordability of anything that benefits workers.

Thirdly, Biaggi says she got into politics because she was influenced by her grandpa, Mario Biaggi. I’m old enough to remember when Grandpa Biaggi repeatedly was re-elected to Congress, running on the Democratic, Republican and Conservative lines.

Your July 12 issue included an article by Zak Kostro that was very favorable to Biaggi and gave minimal coverage to Klein.

But the following week, there was a letter complaining that Kostro was somehow beholden to Klein because he didn’t mention the Independent Democratic Conference.

At the end of July, there was a letter complaining about the fact that in his 58-plus years on this planet, one woman has claimed (without evidence) that Klein forced a kiss on her.

There are plenty of candidates, not only Republicans, but Democrats and alleged progressives as well, who are not worthy of our votes. Klein is worthy.

I intend to ignore all those who have a grudge against him for not blindly following his party’s leaders and showing real leadership.

I will vote for Klein again.

Richard Warren

Richard Warren