Police Beat

Hydrant parking is least of his worries


One way to get arrested in this part of the city is by getting high in a car full of counterfeit DVDs — parked in front of a fire hydrant.

And one rash fellow reportedly did just that Saturday night after probably needing a break from allegedly trying to sell all those DVDs, and simply couldn’t wait to find a legal parking spot. 

When police approached a black 2011 Nissan parked in front of a hydrant on the 3800 block of Sedgwick Avenue, they reported a strong marijuana odor emanating from the vehicle. There cops said they found a 31-year-old man behind the wheel, smoking the drug, with three small Ziploc bags filled with extra bud. 

But what was lit wasn’t the only thing that interested police. Cops said they also found more than 100 trademark counterfeit DVDs in the car — 109, to be exact.

The man was arrested and charged with trademark counterfeiting, as well as possession of marijuana. To top it all off, he was issued a summons for parking in front of the hydrant.

The victim in this case, however, is none other than the Motion Picture Association of America, police said.


Life in the fast lane

Driving around with tinted windows is a good way to get pulled over by cops. But adding forged plates and marijuana to the mix takes things to another level.

Police say a 23-year-old man was responsible for all of that when they pulled over his 2015 Honda Accord on the northeast corner of Sedgwick Avenue and West Kingsbridge Road on the afternoon of Jan. 23. 

The tint, police said, was too much — legally speaking. His New York license plates were forged, they added. 

And to top it off, cops claimed he possessed what they described as “alleged marijuana.” 

The guy was arrested and charged with forging documents and marijuana possession.


Car disappears from driveway

Cars just aren’t safe in these parts of the Bronx these days — not even in their owner’s driveway.

An unlucky Fieldston woman learned that the hard way. After leaving her car in her Post Road driveway late on the night of Jan. 22, she returned the next morning to find it was gone.

But it remains a mystery who may have driven off in the gray 2014 Toyota Avalon because police found no broken glass and no additional evidence of foul play. 

There were no cameras either, leaving cops with little to work with.

Police are on the lookout for the 39-year-old woman’s luxury ride. 

But at this point, it’s case closed.