Police Beat

Huggies heist nipped in bud


A pair of bandits reportedly ransacked a 24-hour Kingsbridge drugstore. While cops collared one suspect, the other got away.

Employees of the Walgreens at 5564 Broadway flagged down police officers after two men allegedly raided the store a little before 3 a.m., Jan. 15, each stuffing two apparently large bags full of stolen items. They slipped out before hoisting their plunder up the elevated subway platform steps at West 231st Street and Broadway, according to a report, ostensibly to make a getaway on the uptown 1 train.

Police reportedly confronted the alleged thieves on the station’s northbound-side stairwell landing, but one of them abandoned his giant sack of pilfered goodies and fled.

Not so for the other guy. Police arrested the 37-year-old partner in crime, charging him with grand larceny.

Cops also recovered a veritable treasure trove of baby products and other sundry goods, including soaps, lotion, diapers, gift sets and shampoo — all valued at around $1,260, police said.


Break-in begets car theft

Leaving keys in a friend’s car parked nearby might not be a good idea because thieves probably are looking for them.

A 26-year-old told police she parked her black 2015 Honda Accord opposite 80 Strong St., just south of the playground, around 9:45 p.m., Jan. 6.

She returned before sunrise the next morning to move her friend’s car — in which she’d left a spare key for her own — but right away noticed her Honda had vanished, according to police, while her friend’s ride had been broken into.

Among items reportedly pilfered was the spare key, suggesting someone in the mood for a joyride.

Police are looking out for the stolen Honda — valued at $12,000 — but otherwise, it’s case closed.