Police Beat

Honda plundered, Best Buy splurged


Neither longing nor even the passage of time can magically bring back stolen property. It just goes on missing.

Back in April, a 35-year-old man said he parked his black 2014 Honda CRV in front of his building on the 5600 block of Netherland Avenue around 10:30 p.m., returning the following morning around 6:30 to find someone had snuck in overnight and ferreted out what could have amounted to the makings of a proper weekend road trip — a pair of headphones, Ray-Ban sunglasses, a cooler and a camping tent.

Yet, he waited until July 30 to tell police about it.

Police valued the stolen goods at $660. Yet, the mystery thief apparently still wasn’t satisfied because, according to a report, he also took the man’s credit card — which the hapless fellow reportedly left in the glove compartment — before making a trip to Best Buy in Yonkers and racking up $600 of unauthorized charges.

Nothing suggested a break-in, police said, but security cameras at the building could help them track down the sly perp.

Cops say it’s unclear whether the man previously reported the crime and it somehow slipped through the cracks, but they’re still looking into it. 


Stick-pipe tag team bruisers arrested

Most teenagers probably look forward to lunchtime as a chance to refuel, take a break from their summer jobs, catch up with friends over a frosty shake at McDonald’s, or just daydream. 

But a brutal beat-down? Probably not. 

Nevertheless, beat-downs keep happening amidst a scourge of violence ravaging the borough, and it’s even creeping into this part of the Bronx.

A couple of brown-haired, brown-eyed young men between 16 and 20 reportedly ambushed a 17-year-old on the 5700 block of Broadway a little after 1 p.m., on July 29, police said, hitting him with sticks and pipes, causing bruising and swelling.

The victim was treated for his wounds, police said.

As for his attackers, they were charged with assault.