Police Beat

Gate-cutting thieves target Kingsbridge


It wasn’t fried rice, but cash they were hungry for.

An employee of the Panda Chinese restaurant at 5625 Broadway told cops someone cut through the security gate, smashed the front door glass, and snatched $230 cash from the establishment some time between closing April 24, and 9 the next morning.

There’s no video footage from inside Panda, police said, but several neighboring businesses — including Kingsbridge Smoke Shop & Candy, and Q’Kachapa restaurant — may have security cameras that could help cops catch a glimpse of the mystery perps. 

And it might not be a coincidence, police said, that someone reportedly cut open the security gate and walked right in the front door — which may have been left unlocked — of the Cosmo Beauty Supply store at 5600 Broadway in the middle of the night April 25.

Police responded to reports of a commercial burglary at the store, but arrived only to find an open door with no one inside.

Gone was the register — which police reportedly found dumped across the street on a stairwell leading to Godwin Terrace, with a single dollar in it — as well as $200 cash.

There are several cameras on that street, police said, as well as one inside the store, which may help cops track down the wily thieves.


Got the pizza, lost the Honda

It was parked, its engine running. And after being left unattended, it was gone.

It happened April 21, around 11:30 p.m., when a 17-year-old reportedly left the engine running on his gray 2016 Honda CRV, valued by police at around $17,000, in front of Broadway Pizza and Pasta at 192 W. 231st St. 

The guy reportedly held onto the key, so the alleged car thief probably couldn’t have gotten far with a push-button ignition, police said. But there’s still no signs of the stolen ride. 

Police are looking out for the Honda, but otherwise it’s case closed.