Falsehoods about Klein


To the editor:

The last time Democrats controlled the state senate, progressive legislation got nowhere.

State Sen. Jeff Klein formed the Independent Democratic Conference, and worked with Republicans to pass plenty of good bills, none of which bore resemblance to the Trump agenda. Alessandra Biaggi misleadingly referred to this as “empowering the party of Donald Trump.”

Adam Stoler previously claimed that Alvin Gordon’s fact-based attack on Hillary Clinton was libelous (re: “Response? Sorry, no one’s listening,” April 12).  But he later labeled Klein a “Trump Democrat,” which is totally contradicted by Klein’s record. So no, Stoler, the mudslinging of Biaggi supporters such as yourself was not a “clean fight.”

Biaggi claims to be a real Democrat. But that is based on party loyalty, not issues. Biaggi worked on the campaign of registered Democrat Hillary Clinton, even though registered independent Bernie Sanders’ values (and not Clinton’s) were those that Democrats claim to stand for.

Klein was punished by the enforcers of party loyalty. But we can fight back. Klein is on the ballot as an independent. If the 44.5 percent of the people who voted for Klein in the primary are joined by Klein supporters who did not vote in the primary, he will win in November.

Richard Warren

Richard Warren,