Don't relent, keep Riverdale strong


To the editor:

(re: “Kappock storefronts littered with vacancies,” July 26)

I’ve heard for years about this man, Lawrence Friedland, who is managing and controlling much of our commercial property (real estate) in Riverdale — and from what I hear, in many parts of our great city.

Riverdale is a neighborhood village which has prided itself on being neighbor-friendly with values that include what I would call “participatory democracy,” and has supported many small businesses and small stores through the years.

In recent years, however, buildings have gone up, the personality of the shopping areas has changed, and we are left with only banks and restaurants — and oh yes, nail salons and beauty shops.

Where are the bookstores and craft stores? Where are the gift shops? We need a stationery store, too.

I’m sure your readers would have some good ideas.

This Mr. Friedland has managed to rid our neighborhood of access to more needed businesses than those that have moved in. It is time to put a stop to his dealings.

It is time for a protect Riverdale group to stop him from toying with the idea of building a high-rise where the stores on Kappock Street and Knolls Crescent are being wiped out because of his high rents.

I call on the Kingsbridge Riverdale Van Cortlandt Development Corp., the economic development committee of the community board, the land use committee, and the committee on the environment to get a plan for alternative building ideas.

Not everyone wants to deal with big box stores or buying over the internet.

Riverdale sets an example for many neighborhoods.

In many ways, it is a paradigm for growth. Our tree-filled environment and gardens, our swim clubs and workout centers, our libraries, our senior centers, our after-school programs, our schooling the very young preschoolers, and lots that I’ve missed.

Riverdalians, let’s step up to the plate and participate, and activate, and make things happen to keep Riverdale strong.

Karen Green

Karen Green,