Despite evil, still good in people


To the editor:

I have become sickened and infuriated with the disgusting story concerning the abuse of our intelligent, brave, young female Olympians. I haven’t been as enraged by an incident since the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.

About a week or so later after that hideous event, on a Sunday, we came into Manhattan to attend a beautiful memorial Mass at Saint John the Divine. I hardly ever attend church services anymore, and to be honest, I was there not only to mourn the death of so many people, I actually went there to ask God to help me dampen my growing almost uncontrollable fury.

Strangely enough, after the service, we decided to walk down the West Side (where I lived in earlier years) and saw dozens of emergency vehicles from many states, block after block down to Lincoln Center. 

I still wonder whether it was a divine message telling me that although there is evil, there is also good in the human race. And I actually did calm down.

That said, I am hoping somebody launches a federal investigation into this disgusting sexual abuse of children whose passion for the sport, fearless competitive nature was blighted by a trusted doctor. The gross incompetence and neglect of these children cannot be ignored or excused.

I am hoping that somehow a federal investigation and prosecution of those involved is set into motion. This includes the leadership of the USA Gymnastics and USA Olympic Committee, the management of the Karolyi Ranch training facility, and the board of Michigan State University.

This evil must not go unpunished, and there is without a doubt more than one criminal involved in this disgraceful national embarrassment.

Lou de Holczer

Lou de Holczer