Democrats were embarrassing during Brett Kavanaugh hearing


My name is John ODonohue, retired New York police lieutenant, a working actor from 1990 to approximately 2015 most known for playing Sgt. Eddie Gibson on “NYPD Blue.”

I’ve been a Democrat, leaning left, for most of my adult life. I voted for McGovern, Clinton and Obama twice.

What’s going on in the Democratic Party today has made it impossible for me to remain, for the time being, a Democrat.

I’m making my decision based on the following reasons.

The Democratic Party has put their interest over the best interests of the country. Get over the loss to Trump and start making some positive steps for the good of the country.

What the Democrats did during the judicial hearings for Brett Kavanaugh was a disgrace. Obviously, from the very beginning, their goal was to delay, delay, delay, no matter who gets hurt. Bringing up the sexual allegations at the very end after knowing about them weeks before, and then claiming they want a proper investigation: “If it walks like a duck, smells like a duck, them more than likely, it’s a duck.”

To have Sen. Richard Blumenthal being one of the leading spokespeople for the press just blows my mind. Here he was getting on his high horse talking about honesty and integrity from a man who false claimed he was a veteran who served his country during the Vietnam War. What kind of man does that?

I clearly question his character and just wonder why he just didn’t disappear from the public eye after being exposed of this vicious lie.

Yet he didn’t, and was elected to the senate by the people of Connecticut, which doesn’t speak well of the electorate of Connecticut.

Sen. Cory Booker, oh my goodness, here’s a man while on the Judiciary Committee, when he got his turn to talk, he would start off talking about himself. This man is so self-centered and will do anything to get attention, like saying he was going to break the rules when he already knew that the committee already allowed what he was going to do. Yes, his Spartacus moment.

Then, after a long diatribe, in a very dramatic moment, he left the committee. Reminds me of a boy who, when things didn’t go his way on the basketball court, takes his ball and goes home.

Then there’s the pandering issue. From the bottom of my core, I am against racism. But when the former governor of Delaware — while running for the Democratic nomination and in front of an audience — said black lives matter and all lives matter, he was booed because he added “all lives matter.” He posted the next day that he apologized for saying all lives matter.

That is pandering. Of course, of course, black lives matter. And, of course, all lives matter.

The last, but not least, is Hillary Clinton. There were a number of reasons Hillary lost the election, one of them being people just don’t trust her, and she’s a poor campaigner. Does anyone remember “the deplorables” comment?

However, she did get a raw deal from James Comey. I’m around long enough to remember the days of President Clinton and the sexual abuse allegations against him, and the response from Hillary was disgraceful.

What gall she has today coming out championing the “Me Too” movement. Of course, the “Me Too” movement is a necessary and important cause, but coming from Hillary, need I say more?

For those of you who weren’t around during those times, read up on it, and I think your opinion of Hillary might change concerning the “Me Too” movement.

It is my hope that some day, in the near future, the Democratic Party will get over the loss in 2016 and start focusing on programs and laws that benefit the whole country.

Someone once said, “Politics is the art of compromise.”

John ODonohue,