Police Beat

Clothes, shoes, computer taken


Police warn against leaving personal belongings in plain view inside a car since it could be marked a target by sharp-eyed criminals.

But one man learned his lesson the hard way. 

The 44-year-old reportedly parked his 2016 Toyota Camry on the 2800 block of Webb Avenue at about 10:30 p.m., on Feb. 2. By Sunday, however, he was telling cops he was missing a slew of items he’d left in the vehicle — four pairs of shoes, including sneakers, valued by police at $450; his Microsoft laptop, worth $800; his passport; a wallet containing his Social Security and banking card; several clothing articles police valued at $1,500; and a grooming bag worth $40.

There was no sign of forced entry and no broken glass, leading police to suspect the man may have left his doors unlocked.

Detectives continue to investigate what they’re calling grand larceny.


Three-on-one robbery

Teamwork can be an effective tactic to getting things done, and criminals are no strangers to it.

But one unfortunate 17-year-old reportedly found himself on the wrong end of a team effort when he was walking home from Ewen Park on Riverdale Avenue and West 231st Street last Friday at around dinnertime. 

That’s when he says three others ganged up on him.

One socked the poor guy in the left side of his jaw, then he or one of the others reached into his right front jacket pocket and grabbed his black iPhone 7, valued by police at $500.

Cops described one of the perps as about 5-foot-7, 160 pounds, with brown hair and a long ponytail, but couldn’t offer a description of the other two.

This robbery is under investigation.


Yamaha thief on the lam

One unlucky motorcycle rider will have to find a new way to weave through rush hour traffic after his bike was stolen.

The 26-year-old told cops he parked his ride on the 2900 block of Heath Avenue last Thursday, Feb. 1, a little after 9 a.m. When he went back the next day, the 2016 Yamaha — valued by police at $5,000 — was gone.

But thanks to video footage — probably captured by a nearby security camera, police said — the guy actually saw his bike being taken by someone driving a dark van, although police couldn’t offer a description of the driver, or whoever might have taken the motorcycle.

Although the case itself is closed, cops say they’re on the lookout for the Yamaha.


Hydrant hotboxing

A couple marijuana smokers in these parts seems to favor getting baked while parked in front of a hydrant — which also is a good way to get arrested.

The two were caught doing just that on the northeast corner of Goulden and Sedgwick avenues, at around 9:30 p.m. on Jan. 31.

A 27-year-old was reportedly blazing behind the wheel of a hydrant-blocking 2000 Honda Accord, police said, puffing on a joint before passing it to his 24-year-old buddy.

The two probably wish they’d been more careful about where they held their session, police said, because now they face charges of criminal possession of marijuana.